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What Our Customers Are Saying

LEUCO has proven time and time again to be a reliable source when a new tooling application arises or simply an upgrade to current tooling applications.
Leuco Georgia Customer

“The vital link between your machine and your end result”

Founded in Germany in 1954, LEUCO is one of the world´s largest suppliers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine cutting tools for wood, metal, and plastic processing. Our story begins with the close friendship of Willi Ledermann and Josef Storzer, colleagues at a metal-working company. Ledermann was a brilliant financial director, and Storzer was a bright, talented engineer.

For the best parts, tooling needs to be designed and engineered to the highest quality.

The quality of a finished part, its properties, the speed and accuracy with which it can be produced and the repeatability of manufacture in high volume production runs, all depend on the precision and characteristics of the tooling. Wealth of ideas and technical know-how have been the heart of LEUCO since the beginning. Our tooling product range includes circular saw blades, bore-type and shank-type cutters, drills, clamping systems, end mills, round tools, and inserts. Our sharpening service, application consulting and service packages complete the spectrum.