Custom Tooling

LEUCO’s rich history of global expertise in developing innovative cutting solutions offers a clear advantage when choosing a custom tooling provider.

In some cases, standard tools cannot provide the desired results to satisfy the application.  We are tenacious in the help of your needs with innovative cutting solutions and application support. That is the reason LEUCO has provided over 60 years of support to our clients to guarantee optimal results.

So, how does it all work?

The custom tool process starts with an interview. Our technical experts will work to gain an all-encompassing understanding of what it is you want to achieve, what equipment you have, and what obstacles you are facing. In summary, an in depth understanding of the application.

Next, our design team of engineers and application support members, will consult on the best solution utilizing the foundation of our global expertise.

We take the guess work out of the equation for your operators.  Questions like:

  • “What cutting edge material should I use?”
  • “Am I cutting for quality? Tool life? Or Both?”
  • “Do I have a few tool changes or should I utilize quick change clamping?”
  • “Do I need to consider maintaining constant tool dimensions to eliminate machine adjustments?”

All of these strategic and vital questions will be advised and answered by our experts. The rich history of global expertise that LEUCO provides is a clear advantage when choosing a custom tool provider.

Once the consultation phase has been completed you will receive a conceptual drawing of the tool to the material, along with a proposal.  All of this is free of charge to you.