Sharpening Services

LEUCO offers the highest quality re-sharpening services which bring your tools back to like new conditions with extensive and uniform standard efficiency for the entire lifetime of the tool.

Guaranteed Efficiency

Leuco has been in the business of quality cutting tool re-sharpening and re-surfacing tools for 60 years.

Offering High-Quality Performance

LEUCO brings you a team of highly skilled tooling experts to help aid you in the efficiency of your woodworking or metalworking products. We take the highest quality measures in every team to bring excellent support and structure to your tooling management. From the sharpening of all tooth geometries and tooth replacement up to adjustment, alignment, eroding, and setting to the precision and quality required throughout the entire lifespan of the tool, these are the factors in measuring the work of our LEUCO Service Team.

What Our Customers Are Saying

State of the art technology. Super precise sharpening. Quick turn around time. Great technical support!
Frederic Ouellet-Cyr

Benefits We Strive For

  • To achieve the longest tool service lives possible, resulting in the lowest applied tooling cost, on every blade we service.

  • To provide a serviced saw that operates at peak performance as long as possible. Giving our customers more run time and less downtime.

  • To return each saw to its original manufactured specifications. This includes blades of all brands and designs.

  • To provide troubleshooting services to help you work through application.

Sharpening Process


Tools are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and inspected for damages, significant run out and tip replacement.


Tips are replaced along with any other repairs discovered in the triage process.


Tools are top and face ground back to OEM specs for optimal performance.

Inspection & Shipping

Tools are analyzed to ensure the highest quality cut and dipped in a magenta colored wax protective coating and shipped or delivered back to you.