The name you trust for industrial tools is now the name to trust for 5-Star Services like sharpening, engineering, custom tooling, and many other industrial solutions.

Market leaders in the tool industry are no longer simple tool manufacturers. The integration of material goods and services is becoming more important these days. LEUCO brings to you a team of highly skilled tooling experts to help aid you in the efficiency of your woodworking or metalworking products. We take the highest quality measures in every team to bring you excellent support and structure to your tooling management.

Sharpening Service

LEUCO offers worldwide re-sharpening services which bring your tools back to like new with uniform standards of service and quality.

Engineering Team

LEUCO has expert designers for help in crafting custom tools and modifications ready to aid you with the right tool, for the right application, and materials.

Custom Tooling

Our innovation and on-going development team can bring you the best solutions to stay one step ahead of the competition!

Applications Department

LEUCO offers consultation services for almost all areas of the wood and wood-based materials processing industries.