Leuco Engineering

Since the beginning, LEUCO has been a world leader in developing innovative cutting tools and cutting tool systems. Our applications engineering teams work directly with our customers and OEM machinery partners to develop tooling solutions that exceed expectations. We spend time in discussion and in the field to obtain a complete understanding of the application and its challenges. Unsurpassed technical competence on a global level allows us to innovate the highest quality cutting tool solutions. LEUCO is ISO 9001:2015 compliant.

State-of-the-art CAD and modeling software allow our applications engineers to understand how the tools will function and, as a result, allow for additional design consideration before producing the actual cutting tool.

Best practices, proven criteria impacting tool life and durability, and safety work norms all get careful consideration during the tool design process. After the cutting tools are manufactured, our applications engineering teams are available to support the tooling at our customer’s facility. Often we will keep an eye on an application through multiple life cycles so the performance can be evaluated after tool maintenance and sharpening.

LEUCO Manufacturing Engineers take the ideas and designs from applications engineers and make them a reality. Our engineers will develop the production plan for constructing each cutting tool solution. Final manufacturing drawings are created, raw materials specified, production machines and path mapped out, and of course, machining programs written. LEUCO's extensive experience with manufacturing cutting tools over the last 68 years allows our engineering departments to incorporate proven practices set forth by our manufacturing work norms. This ensures our customers receive tooling that more than satisfies the intended application and is of the highest quality possible.