Leuco Tooling Solutions

With LEUCO Tooling Solutions, you will receive longer edge life, better cut quality, low-noise, and a team of tooling experts on hand. Our Tooling Solutions provide you with a driving business saving you time and money as we stay ahead of your production needs before you even think about it.

In today's highly competitive manufacturing industry, having the proper equipment is paramount to thriving. At LEUCO, we are proud to offer groundbreaking tooling innovation that boosts productivity and delivers outstanding results. Our devotion to excellence and quality means that your woodworking and metalworking needs are always met with unparalleled precision. When you partner with us, you receive access to cutting-edge technology that is designed to help your business succeed. Our tooling solutions provide unmatched toughness, quality assurance, and expert guidance, all to ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. From extended tool life to minimized sound pollution during production, we take pride in delivering the highest standards of innovation to our clients. Choose LEUCO tooling solutions and experience the difference that comes with industrial tooling excellence.

LEUCO Plastics Process System 

When other saw blades won't cut it, LEUCO's innovative technology delivers like no other. Whether you're cutting small parts or large sheets, the LEUCO Plastics Processing System is the ultimate solution for any industrial plastic processing needs. Upgrade your manufacturing process today with the most advanced technology on the market.

LEUCO p-System

As technology has advanced, the evolution of face shear has made a significant impact. From 0 to 15-degree carbide insert tools to diamond tools with face shear of 35 to 45 degrees, the demand for more efficient and precise tools continues to rise. With LEUCO p-System tools, manufacturers can trust that their finished products will meet the highest standards in quality and accuracy.

LEUCO nn-System

Not only does this diamond-tipped saw blade provide unparalleled precision, but it also boasts a remarkable reduction in noise pollution. Thanks to its unique design that minimizes gullets, the LEUCO nn-System is the most silent saw blade in the industry segment, reducing idling noise by up to 6 dB(A). This achievement is a testament to LEUCO's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the industrial sector.

LEUCO HP Spirals

LEUCO HP Spirals offer unparalleled precision and efficiency in a number of critical woodworking applications. Whether you need to size, joint, groove, or divide panels, these cutting tools deliver exceptional performance with minimal cost. With LEUCO tooling solutions like our HP Spirals, you can take your woodworking game to the next level and achieve results that are both accurate and visually stunning.

LEUCO airFace System

Introducing the LEUCO airFace System - a major player in the world of tool development and design. Inspired by the natural world, this revolutionary system utilizes the owl wing concept to smooth air flow and reduce noise by means of a serrated edge. Recognizing the unique advantages of this structure, LEUCO tooling solutions represents a new generation of jointing cutters and hoggers that have the ability to transform the production process. 

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When it comes to industrial tooling solutions, nothing beats the quality and expertise offered by LEUCO. With our innovative products and services, you can expect nothing less than exceptional edge life, exceptional cut quality, and the added bonus of low-noise operation. Better yet, our team of leading tooling experts are always on hand to ensure seamless production and productivity, saving you both time and money. So whether you're looking to streamline your production process or simply stay ahead of the game, trust in LEUCO's Tooling Solutions to drive your business forward.