Collection: Through-Feed Machines

From the very first through feed machine, LEUCO has worked with the equipment producers to equip the processing aggregates not with cutting tools but with cutting tool solutions.

Today, LEUCO is providing tooling solutions that offer:

  • The longest life
  • Lowest applied cost
  • Best cut quality
  • Energy/dust optimized systems
  • Noise reduction
  • Custom designed solutions to best meet applications
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Through-Feed Machines

What is a Through-Feed Machine?

By definition, a through-feed machine is a machine that has upper and lower belts called a feed chain that holds the material through the length of the machine. Various processing steps can be applied while the panel is feeding. Standard through-feed machines are edge-banders, combination edge-banders, and edge-milling machines known as Tenoners.

Through-feed machines come in single-sided versions, which can process a single edge, and double-sided versions, which can process two opposing edges simultaneously. The different processing steps break down into individual processing units called machining aggregates. Not all aggregates utilize motors. Some have other positions non-motorized, like in the case of a scraping knife scraping the PVC edge band on an edge-banding machine.

An example of machine aggregates common to an edge-bander are:

  • Jointing; trim cutting of the panel's edge
  • Glue application
  • Edge band separation from the edge band coil in the form of a guillotine knife
  • Edge band snip saw blades; to trim the edge band on the leading and trailing corner
  • Top and bottom lineal edge trimming

Many other aggregates are available and can be chosen, making each through-feed machine unique to the customers' requirements.