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LEUCO can tool up your entire CNC with a one-source option for your needs. Our expertise in this field will guarantee you better run time, the longest edge life, and the highest quality cutting edge at the lowest applied tooling cost.

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CNC Machines


CNC machines are machines that cut or move material as programmed by the controller of the machine. CNC simply stands for Computer Numerical Control. The sort of cutting can differ from milling, routing, jointing, grooving, and drilling. CNC machines require fewer steps to produce a finished product which generates higher efficiency in panel processing. Many tools can be supplied by LEUCO to source your CNC machine.

Routing for CNC

Spiral router bits are by far the most common routing tool for machining laminated wood based panels in north America. This is true whether your machine is configured to cut on pods or in a nested base operation.

  • Combining the optimum cutting tool with best suited clamping solution
  • Extensive range of stock clamping devices
  • Best possible tool performance thanks to very concentric holding (some systems <0.003mm)
  • Cutting tools available in Solid carbide, Carbide tipped, Insert knife, and Diamond
  • High performance boring tools in a wide range of sizes

Clamping for CNC

A tool can never run better than the machine it's running on and the clamping system that fastens it to the machine. The clamping system is the link between the machine and the cutting tool. The better the clamping system, the better the tools cut quality, and edge life. However, the most popular clamping system used today is not necessarily the best option. Collet

chucks are by far the industry standard but there are some pretty strong arguments for other more accurate systems which you can find the highest quality clamping systems provided by LEUCO.