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It’s all about face shear! The Revolution of Peeling. LEUCO P-System tools are used for jointing, rabbeting and dividing on stationary and through-feed machines.

Learn About the LEUCO p-System™

  • LEUCO p-System: edge life 12 million running meters

  • LEUCO p-System: Peeling – the revolutionary wood processing technology by LEUCO

  • Cutting of a door with the LEUCO p-System

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  • Finished Cut

    Milling With Finish Cut Quality Without Post-Processing
    The p-System produces edges in finish-cut quality, time-consuming grinding is no longer necessary.

  • Save Time

    Reduction Of Downtime
    In the case of end-grain cutting, the p-System allows the cutting head to pass the edge against the feed without causing edge chipping.

  • Chip Free

    Chip Free Jointing of Veneered Boards
    Cutting veneer like a sharp knife, the p-System hardly exerts a cutting force and make a clean cut, regardless whether the veneer overlap is 2mm or 10mm.

  • Exotics

    Fibrous And Exotic Materials
    Thanks to the large shear angle the fibers are cleanly cut, often not even post-processing is needed.