Choosing A Sawblade by Application

When selecting a sawblade, it is also important to know the application.

Q. Are you finish sawing to size or rough sawing?

A. In this case the Leuco Q-Cut G6 is ready for the challenge. The G6 is designed so that every tooth is cutting for quality. Unlike other tooth combinations where as few as 50% of the teeth are cutting for quality.

Q. Oversize or rough sawing?

A. The U-Cut Speed is the one for you. This saw is more aggressive and has a stronger cutting and clearance angles providing for an extended edgelife.

Q. Do you do a little of both, finish and oversize sawing?

A. We have that covered with the Leuco U-Cut Triple Chip. This blade was designed to provide peak performance across the board.

Q. Are you cutting plywood as well as wood veneered panels?

A. In this case the U-Cut ATB may be an option or in very challenging fibrous materials - the G5, which has face shear to ensure a splinter free cut.

Special Saws:

In addition to unique tooth shapes, Leuco also offers some specialized saws for specific materials. One example of this is a specialized Triple Chip main which can cut the laminate in-layed steel mesh common in Magnet Bond Boards.