Leuco G5 User Report

LEUCO G5 saw blade included as original equipment at Krüsi Maschinenbau AG

"Only advantages from our standpoint"

The Swiss machine manufacturer Krüsi equips its joinery machines with the G5 saw blade from LEUCO. This is because it allows such excellent quality to be achieved that users can dispense with post-processing - even for ripping and cross cuts.

"It is the perfect saw blade for our machines - it offers maximum edge life combined with exceptionally good cutting quality," says Urs Iseli, Managing Director of Krüsi Maschinenbau AG. The renowned company sees it as a challenge for itself to always be at the forefront in terms of both its machine technology and output quality. This is another reason why Krüsi supplies the LEUCO G5 as original equipment for its three joinery machines. "Like our equipment, this saw blade is versatile. We use it to carry out processing such as chop cuts and parting cuts, angle and valley cuts, or notches." In this way, Krüsi's machines make complex and unusual timber construction possible.

The G5 can even perform ripping and cross cuts alternately. "This feature is very important to us," emphasizes Marcel Duong, member of the company's management and technical sales manager at Krüsi. "Some of our machines do not require a tool changer. This makes the G5 saw blade ideal, because we only need one tool for all machining operations." Each automatic change would otherwise take 30 to 45 seconds. This time is eliminated with machines from Krüsi and the versatile G5 from LEUCO. "Changeover on our equipment is reduced to a minimum. The processing tools only have to be changed for grinding. If you extrapolate that to a large project, you save a lot of time," confirms Urs Iseli.

The essential feature of the G5 is the sequence of four teeth with alternate top bevels and one flat tooth. This geometry has proven itself, because it reduces the cutting forces. As a result, the saw blade achieves an exceptionally high cutting quality and very long edge life. Furthermore, it runs with less vibration and is quieter than other common joinery saw blades.

"Our customers regularly give us feedback and are very satisfied with the LEUCO saw blade. From our point of view, it also has only advantages over other saw blades used," adds Marcel Duong.

At a glance

  • Krüsi Maschinenbau AG is a Swiss family business rich in tradition and is located in Schönengrund, near St. Gallen.
  • The company develops and produces manual and fully automatic woodworking machines, among others for bar processing, engineered timber construction or chalet construction.
  • All machines are manufactured in the company's own factory.
  • The G5 joinery saw blade from LEUCO is used on the following machines: the compact Krüsimatic, the PowerCut MC-15 machine center and the Lignamatic.
  • Krüsi has been working with LEUCO for 25 years.
  • Overall, Krüsi obtains about 80 percent of its machining tools from LEUCO.


LEUCO is one of the world´s largest suppliers of carbide and diamond-tipped machine tools for wood and plastic processing. The product range includes circular saw blades, hoggers, milling tools with bores and shank, drill bits, clamping systems and turnover knives as well as a resharpening service for these tools. Around 1,200 employees work for LEUCO across the globe. You will find more information at: www.leuco.com.