Leuco Diarex Sawblades

Saw blades for difficult cases.

The material mix for woodworking companies continues to grow. Fiber-reinforced plastics such as CFRP or GFRP need to be processed ever more frequently. However, common saw blades wear out extremely fast with such materials. LEUCO offers saw blades with diamond-tipped cutting edges and special tooth geometries that last considerably longer.

Fiber-reinforced plastics have one thing in common: They are very difficult to process. This is because very hard materials are usually selected as the fibers. Most of the time, these materials are glass, carbon and aramide. These abrasive fibers cause severe wear on the cutting edges of saws. In such materials, saw blades with tungsten carbide tips often last for only a few meters.

LEUCO offers a solution for these situations: Saw blades with diamond-tipped cutting edges and special tooth geometries. They make processing of fiber-reinforced plastics economically feasible. These saw blades achieve a 10 to 50 times longer edge life.

The DIAREX DP HR sizing saw blade is the favorite for reinforced plastics: It achieves outstanding results in all materials up to a thickness of 20 mm. Three other saw blades also achieved good to very good results, depending on the material. These are the sizing saw blades DP G5, nn-System DP flex and DP "TR-F-FA" Pos-Neg. They process fiber-reinforced elastics with acceptable edge lives.