Leadership Luncheon

LEUCO inspired with humility and strong leadership advice at Villa Rica Leadership Luncheon.

Villa Rica, GA., April 16th, 2021 – President of LEUCO Tool, Jens Schulz, gave a challenging and humble presentation at the most recent luncheon for Villa Rica Business Leaders. He began by asking the leaders in the room a pondering thought, “Do you ever feel like you were doing everything right only to find out you were actually doing it all wrong?” 

He proceeded by sharing his struggle as a leader leading up to 2020. Jens stated, “Over the years, I had neglected to develop as a leader, and I let the numbers dictate the success, not the morale of our employees or our corporate culture.”  His transparency and humility to share his failures with a group of leaders helped us all see what could transpire if we begin to change the way we think about leading others. He shared that somehow in the middle of success, leading became about numbers, authority, and a paycheck, and he has spent the last two years on a journey to lead strong and personal once again.

LEUCO began weekly leadership meetings with their supervisors, increased communication, encouraged care and concern for others as a team, and has increased diversity throughout the nation at their facilities. Their vision is “To be the highest quality cutting tool and cutting tool service provider.” Jens mentioned that to do that, three things must happen: 

  1. Find the right people
  2. Develop the right people
  3. Empower the right people

Jens finished his presentation by stating one final point, “In order for us to be willing to change, the pain of the change had to be more appealing than the pain of staying the same.”  Jens and his team hope that his transparent message inspires our city leaders to keep people our priority and remain the highest quality in all that we do.